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Colleton Payment Site

Colleton Payment Options

  • Payments for any balances may be made in numerous ways.
  • Clients can log onto the website and make payments and/or arrangements for future payments. Email reminders will be sent out to patients who have set up payment terms.
  • Patients may mail payments directly to Colleton for immediate posting and credit to the account.
  • Patients may contact our office and speak to a Customer Service Representative.
  • Patients can contact our office for payments on a credit card. The patient can also set up a recurring payment plan to satisfy the payment to the county.

Patient Services

  • Colleton Software believes the first and primary purpose of Emergency Medical Services is to provide care for the patients and protect their well-being.
  • We work with each client individually to set the policy for billing patients. We allow the client to set terms, and we implement their policy in our daily interactions with client patients.
  • We also believe that patient pay accounts can often be sensitive for all companies and their patients. With that in mind, our representatives are trained to treat all patients with respect and to work with the patient to find a workable solution to patient pay and co-pay balance.
  • We provide assistance with long- and short-term monthly billing for patients that cannot satisfy a balance all at once.
  • We will work with patients to implement a plan that will not burden the patient but allow them to handle their obligation with dignity.
  • A toll-free number and email access for patients
  • Dedicated Toll-Free Customer Service Numbers
  • Patient Statements and Invoiced mailed promptly
  • Scanning and archiving of all patient documentation