Colleton Billing Advantage

  • Eliminate Large Write-Offs –
    • Keep trying for a full year, do not automatically allow large dollar write-offs, Stop the failure of unbilled and process all calls to the correct sources.
  • Search Secondary Sources –         
    • Use resources to find a payer source
  • Work the Pending –              
    • Why has not the call been paid, call until the Insurance Pays
  • Attention to detail –               
    • Manage the account, not just bill and hope, hands-on local management.
  • Increase Communication –  
    • Work with the organization and local hospitals to find $$
  • Timely Submission –   
    • Calls WILL be processed daily and will be submitted within 48 hours of receipt
  • Our Commitment to the Client –     
    • Colleton is the right size to prioritize your organization
    • On-site, monthly, and quarterly meetings
    • Reports to senior manager
  • References / Experience –   

Local accounts have been successful; we have experienced here in the Southeast, not as part of some company working 10,000 miles away