ESO Billing Solutions

Colleton Software is a proud partner of ESO Solutions
  • Colleton Software currently bills using ESO Solutions for ePCR solutions in the Carolinas.
  • All information on ESO’s billing software package is updated in real-time, and available to the county own the Internet. All invoicing is conducted through automated macros run through the software and confirmed by nationally certified billing clerks.
  • Data from the software is reflected in real-time reports available from our office are all lined as needed by Alamance County.
  • Colleton Software will automatically pull down calls and claims from the ESO Solutions site 3 times a day to verify all information is collected in a timely fashion.
  • Our internal Medicare Billing software is created by ESO Solutions, meets all regulations and statutes under Medicare and North Carolina CMS regulations.
  • Our import to ESO Solutions is automatic and runs through an extract we have used for over a decade. This ensures the information from the run sheet and from ESO Solutions is accurately and loaded into our accounting system for a fast, complete, and accurate import of data.
  • All software used by Colleton Software is compliant with ESO Solutions and maintains North Carolina compliance with CMS accounting regulations.
  • Colleton Software has a partnership with ESO Solutions for a seamless transition which is automated from the EPC our product to Colleton’s billing product.
  • Numerous Counties have used ESO Solutions since entering into a billing contract with Colleton Software. They have experienced an increase in revenues and experienced zero problems or downtime working with Colleton Software and ESO Solutions.
  • Colleton Software currently bills for 39 clients who use ESO Solutions for Electronic Patient Care Reporting.