Our History WORK

Colleton Software was founded in 1994 in Walterboro, South Carolina. the county seat of Colleton County. The company was founded by an EMT working on the back of the truck daily searching for an easier way to process necessary required patient care reports.

Over the next few years, the original owner of the organization developed a software package and billing system which allowed for the first integration of computerized systems into an EMS System located in the South East. The company grew gradually starting in the low country of South Carolina and then expanding statewide in South Carolina by the mid-2000s. At this stage of the company’s evolution, Colleton was providing electronic patient care reporting software and support along with full financial billing and management resources to public and private services throughout the Palmetto State

By 2006 the original owner of the company realized he had grown the company as far as could be expected and began looking to sell the organization and find new leadership. Brian Gurkin was a client of Colleton Software and was the principal owner of two nonemergent firms running in the sandhills of North Carolina.

Mr. Gurkin approached the company about the possibility of purchasing the entire organization outright, and in August 2006, Colleton Software changed ownership for the first and only time in our 25-year history.

The purchase was finalized in August of 2006. Immediately under Mr. Gurkin’s leadership, a large principal investment was made in the organization, and upgrades were provided for the entire operation of the company. A brand-new headquarters was built and opened in Walterboro, SC along with significant infrastructure improvements and a complete revitalization and upgrade of the computer network mainframe. Additional personnel was hired to support the growing company, and for the first time in its history, Colleton looked at expansion beyond and seized upon numerous growth opportunities.

Later in 2006, Mr. Gurkin sold his private ambulance firms to eliminate any possible conflict of interest between the billing organization and running private nonemergent transports. Colleton moved into the new office in September 2006 and started an aggressive marketing campaign to grow the company over the upcoming years.

In 2007 Colleton opened an office in Erwin, North Carolina and expanded into the North Carolina marketplace. By the end the year we had secured contracts with our first North Carolina customer, and now a little over a decade later, Colleton is proud to provide EMS billing services for 29 North Carolina based Counties, rescue squads, and non-emergent transport organizations

Our success in North Carolina has been primarily attributed to managed growth opportunities, providing outstanding client service to the organizations who have trusted us to manage their revenue, and outstanding returns on their annual revenue collections.

As 2008 continued, Colleton gradually moved into the state of Georgia providing EMS billing services to clients in Atlanta, Conyers, Dublin, and Thomasville, Georgia.

Our emphasis has remained, however, on doing business here in the Carolinas, we are especially proud of our growth and work here in North Carolina. Perhaps the one fact which shows our success in the Tar Heel State better than other highlights our successful retention rate of our North Carolina 911 based services and clients.

Since 2008 when Colleton signed our first countywide 911 EMS service in North Carolina, every single County has renewed their contract and is still under contract and remains a client today. Colleton is proud of our success rate and extremely grateful to maintain a 100% retention rate with every client who has ever signed a contract with our organization here in the state of North Carolina remaining as a client today.

Colleton has grown every year that we have been opened under Mr. Gurkin’s leadership since 2006. This shows the trust our clients have in our organization and how we have effectively served our customers to their complete and total satisfaction. We have managed our growth effectively and are currently 100% debt free and strategically positioned for long term growth and stability in the North Carolina marketplace.

We are also proud of the working environment we have provided to our employees who continue to grow and prosper in their professional career with Colleton. Many of our employees have stayed with us for multiple years, and a number of our senior employees had been with Colleton for over a decade. Our Informational Technology department chairwoman has been with the company for almost 15 years and has led the IT department for 13.

Colleton Software continues to be dedicated to the North Carolina market. Our operations have grown significantly over the last five years. We opened a new office in Erwin, North Carolina in 2015 and expanded with over 3000 ft.² of new additional office space in 2019. We are one of the leading supporters in our local communities and also love working with our clients in their local communities.

Colleton has sponsored many charitable events here in North Carolina while supporting our client’s philanthropic efforts. We have supported and funded the North Carolina Association of EMS, the recent educational opportunity “EMS at the OBX” held in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina last month and has supported other charitable organizations located within our County clients.

Colleton has always maintained a slow but steady growth philosophy and has resisted the opportunity to move outside of our natural marketplace here in North Carolina. We continue to provide all services here in North Carolina with locally based employees and have committed to always using local labor while creating local jobs here in the community rather than finding a cheaper less efficient overseas alternative.

We are proud to be part of North Carolina and are dedicated to growing our business here in the Tar Heel state. We are proud to serve our clients with a dedicated local work force with the job performed by in-state employees rather than follow the example provided by many out of state companies who are content sending American jobs to India. Colleton Software commits to never utilizing outsourced labor to complete Alamance County work which can be done by North Carolina citizens creating jobs here in the North Carolina

Colleton Software is proud to be located in the central part of North Carolina and is dedicated to working with our hard-working clients, providing outstanding service and excellent revenue returns to all of our clients.