Why Choose Colleton

Active throughout South Carolina

Colleton works with 21 different counties in the Carolinas. The overwhelming majority of these organizations work with various collection agencies throughout the state

Colleton will send all information via electronic format to the collection agency specified by the County, which works directly in conjunction with the collection agency.

Our organization will send all requested and required information in a file format as determined by the collection agency and required for seamless integration into their system.

The information is extracted from my ESO billing software, which works completely in compliance and congruently with ESO’s electronic patient care reporting software. The entire process is automated and seamless from human interaction

Experienced in the area like no other provider

Colleton Software has over two decades of experience working with our clients in conjunction with a variety of different collection companies located throughout the state of South Carolina

Our system allows for a seamless level of communication between patient accounts in the collection company to provide accurate and up-to-date information

Automated with ESO to work seamlessly

All work is automated through ESO’s award-winning billing software solution

Secondary claims arising following payment by the primary source are processed the very same day and submitted for secondary payment.

This allows for quick and accurate secondary payments, which in turn will increase collection rates and payments per call for the county.

Patient mailing list and corrected inaccurate statements will be sent monthly to our contractor for timely mailings to the patients. This will allow us to maximize revenues by providing accurate information to the patients in a quick and timely manner

Work here in South Carolina

All work is conducted here in the United States, with no part of the billing cycle ever outsourced overseas.

The work conducted will be processed exclusively in our Walterboro, South Carolina office. All mailings are automated through our software system with the correct and accurate list of all patient bills and statements prepared weekly and sent to our mailing contractor for swift and accurate delivery.